Blackheads!! Go For BlackMask

1. It’s actually inexpensive

Believe it or not, this product is cheaper than you think it is. You’d probably assume that this product cost about ₹2000. No. It cost somewhere between ₹500-$1500 depending on what website you purchase it from.

2. So easy to use

It really is easy! All you have to do is apply a thick, opaque, even layer to clean, dry skin. Make sure you avoid your eyes, eyebrows, lips, and hairline. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes (or until it’s completely dry) and then peel. No extra work has to be done.

3. Leaves your skin smooth

I wear makeup and use lotion to make sure my skin feels smooth. But this stuff makes my skin feel so smooth! As you peel the mask off, it lifts away any blackheads and impurities that were left on your face and in minutes your face will look clearer than it was before. Your complexion will be brighter and your pores will shrink thanks to this mask!

4. Not as painful as you think

It doesn’t hurt at all. Don’t quickly rip it like a band-aid. Simply just slowly peel the mask so that it can pick up the blackheads with ease. Unless you have sensitive skin, low pain tolerance, or allergic to the material, it shouldn’t hurt.

5. You don’t need to use it as much

While washing your face daily is necessary, you don’t have to use the face mask as much. It is recommended that you use it at most 2 times a week. Besides, the tube is small as it is so use it wisely.

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