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James Glutathione Is Really Safe And Effective Since Its Glutathione Content Is 1000 mg Without Any health problems. It Contains Glutathione -The Master Antioxidant and Tyrosine’s Inhibitor.Tyrosine’s is the Enzyme on the Skin That Promotes Melanin Production. Once You Block Melanin Production,Skin Turns Light And Spotless.Glutathione Are Celebrities Secret For Fairer And Smoother Radiant Skin.


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Description Of Dr James:

Dr. James Glutathione Has Some Important Properties That Help To Whiten And Soften Skin Converting Dark/Yellow/Brown Pigmentation To Pinkish White Pigmentation. This Is How It Works To Give You Whiter, Fairer And Soften Skin. Most Of The Dermatologists Also Use It. The Formula Is Really Fruitful And Very Safe And Effective.

Anti-Aging Elements – Helps In The Collapse Of Oxidized Fats, Dr. James Glutathione Is Needed For Carbohydrate Metabolism. Antioxidant Properties Special Anti-Oxidant Properties Helps In Preventing Cancer Specifically Liver Cancer, Important For The Proper Functioning Of The Immune System. Dr. James Glutathione Also Helps In Providing Strength To Red Blood Cells And Protecting White Blood Cells.

Ingredients Of Dr James:




Purified Water.

Magnesium Stearate.

Benefits Of Dr James:

Remove Pimples And Age Marks And Protect Your Skin From The Future Growth Of Pimples.

Makes Your Skin Color Radiant, Pinkish And Glowing.

Get Whiter & Beautiful Skin.

People With Dark Spots On Skin.

It Lightens Dark Spots Such As Under Eyes And Under Arms.

People With Weak Immune System.


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