GC 40000 NANO Glutathione

GC 40000 Nano Glutathione With Glutathione Imported From Japan Up To 40,000 Mg. And Also Joins Together With Extracts Of Cranberry 1,500 Mg. The Skin Helps To 5 Times Faster Than The Original And Also The Collagen Peptide 500 Mg.




The Glutathione That Have Been The Most Popular Girls In Japan, 90 Out Of Every 100 People In Comfortable, Healthy Skin Whitening Products When Not Used. For Beautiful And Even Tone Skin These Are The Best Thing You Can Go For. Removes Anti- Ageing And Wrinkles, Fair And Beautiful Skin Naturally.


Nano Glutathione 40,000 Mg.
Royalgally Extract 3,000 Mg.
Grape Seed Extract 1,500 Mg.
Cranberry 1,500 Mg.
Collagen Peptide 500 Mg
Benefits :

Strengthening The Premature Aging Of Skin Collagen.
Prevention Of Infection. Enhance Immunity.
The Impact Of Pollution, Pesticides, And Alcohol.
Have The Ability To Reduce The Pain From The Injury.
Restoration Of The Liver.
Reduce The Symptoms Of Eye Disease.
Strengthening The Walls Of Blood Vessels.
Not Suitable For :

Breast Feeder.
Injection On Women Period.
Allergy To Vitamin (Any Kind).
Patient With Cardiovascular Problem.


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