Gluta 20000mg Skin Whitening Pills

L-Glutathione concentration of 20000 mg. from Switzerland blend with the extract and pure vitamin of berry mixed fiber cold extracted process. It will not lose valuable vitamins and nutrients to the skin. It is enrich with Vitamin C that help brighten skin cell and against free radicals in the body that makes the skin dull and wrinkles.




Description Of Gluta 20,000:

Glutathione Antioxidant Is Like The Air We Breathe, Without It We Will Die. This Benefit Alone Highlights The Pivotal Function Of This Dynamic Substance. The Positive Benefits Of Glutathione Are Immeasurable. New Formula Contains L-Glutathione Concentration Of 20000 Mg. From Switzerland Blend With The Extract And Pure Vitamin Of Berry Mixed Fiber Cold Extracted Process. It Will Not Lose Valuable Vitamins And Nutrients To The Skin. It Is Enrich With Vitamin C That Help Brighten Skin Cell And Against Free Radicals In The Body That Makes The Skin Dull And Wrinkles See Result Within 1 Week. And Excellent Result After Used Continuously Months L-Glutathione Has Long Been Known Among Artists And International Celebrity, And Also In Malaysia. Also Known As The Master Antioxidant. Glutathione Intake By Continuously Will Make Your Skin Become White And Bright. Glutathione Also Will Make You Look 5 To 10 Years Younger Than Actual Age. L-Glutathione Is A Protein That Contains Three Types Of Amino Acids Cysteine, Glutamic And Glycine, Which Is Usually Produced By A Body To Address Air Pollution In Drinking Water, Chemicals And Pesticides In Foods Eaten. These Substances Can Damage Cells In Our Body System. L-Glutathione Is Often Referred To As “Master Anti-Oxidant” In The Body, Joint Molecules Formed By Amino Acids And Anti-Oxidant To Be Produced Naturally By The Body.

Pine Bark Extract And Grape Seed Extract. Antioxidant:Greater Protection Against Free Radicals And Dna Damage Than Is Provided By Vitamins C, E, And Beta-Carotene. Improves Vascular Strength (Stronger Blood Vessels). Stimulation Of Collagen Synthesis, Protection And Restoration Of Damaged Membranes And Connective Tissue, Including The Blood-Brain Barrier.

Ingredients Of Gluta 20,000:

L-Glutathione 20000mg.

Vitamin C 1000mg.

Berry Mix 1000mg.

Fiber 1000mg.

Collagen 500mg.

Bioflavonoid 500mg.

Pine Bark Extract 100mg.

Grape Seed Extract 100mg.

Koji Berry 500mg.

Acerola Cherry 100mg.

Green Coffee Berry 100mg.

Berry Fruits Extract 100mg.

Coenzyme Q10 100mg.

Benefits Of Gluta 20,000 Mg:

It Slows Down The Aging Process.

It Acts As A Body Detoxifier And Improves Liver Function.

It Is The Body’s Super Antioxidant.

It Improves Mental Function.

It Increases Energy.

It Improves Heart And Lung Function.


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