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Glutax 5Gs Micro Advance Ultra Whitening


Glutax 5gs Micro Advance Contains More Vitamins Designed To Repair Skin Cells And Increase Skin Nutrients Throughout Our Bodies We Are In This Product. Now, A Fairer And Whiter, Pimple And Acne Free Complexion Can Be Yours! Your Beauty Is In Your Hands, Do Not Wait for More, Feel And See The Difference In Few Weeks. A Smoother, Clearer, Flawless, Younger, And Whiter Skin Within, From Inside-Out.

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Description Of Glutax 5 Gs Micro Advanced:

Glutathione Does More Than Simply Fight Free Radicals On Its Own. This Antioxidant Also Has The Ability To Regenerate Other Antioxidants, Such As Vitamins C And E. After These Antioxidants Neutralize Free Radicals, They Become Unstable Radicals Themselves. Glutathione Helps Recycle These Unstable Molecules, Returning Them To Active Duty.

Benefits Of Glutax 5 Gs Micro Advanced:

Increased Energy.

Strengthens Immune System.

Greater Mental Functions, Such As, Improved Memory, Focus, And Concentration.

Decreased Recovery Time After Workouts (Or Surgery).

Intense Detoxification (Including Heavy Metal Detoxification).

Rapid Skin Whitening ( By Reducing The Melanin Formation )

Suppresses The Formation Of Acne/Blemish/Pimple

Minimizes Facial Pores And Improves Skim Complexion

Glutathione Is Safe For Everyone Of Whatever Age

Ingredients Of Glutax Micro Advance:

6 Ampoules X5ml

Ascorbic Acid 1500mg

Collagen Extract 350mg

6 Ampoules X2ml

Vitamin E 300mg

Pro-Vitamin B3 250mg

Pro-Vitamin B5 100mg

6 Vials X5ml

Glutathione 5000mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg

Not Suitable For :

Breast Feeder.

Injection On Women Period.

Allergy To Vitamin (Any Kind).

Patient With Cardiovascular Problem.

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