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Miracle White 9000mg Skin Whitening


YOUR BEAUTIFUL SKIN STARTS HERE! Miracle White is a combination of innovations in skin science after years of research. Miracle White not only lighten your skin tone, make it smooth and free of blemishes and dark spots, brighten a dull complexion, but also has an anti-aging factor.


Miracle White 9000mg – Skin Whitening System

“Achieve Visibly Brightening Younger Looking Skin”
Ascorbic Acid
Ascorbic acid helps slow the production of melanin which prevents dark spots and stimulates collagen production for tighter skin. Ascorbic acid may also slow the development of skin cancer because it works as an anti-oxidant and can reduce skin damage on a cellular level. Another benefit of this ingredient is that it reduces the look of wrinkles and lines, and can soothe and calm the skin after sunburn.
Thioctic Acid Thioctic
Acid has the ability to scavenge free-radicals which lead to premature aging and wrinkling. By containing free radicals, less oxidative damage is done, and aging can be prevented at the cellular level. It can also exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells to expose the brighter, tighter, and fairer skin underneath.
Cyanocobalamin improves blood circulation and increases the hydration of skin inhibits the production of acne and aids in achieving glowing, healthy skin. It helps to regulate the skin pigment thus prevents hyper-pigmentation which causes excess darkening of the skin. Cyanocobalamin also boosts your immune system and maintains healthy skin.
Multivitamins contain a balanced combination of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to help combat free racial damage and rejuvenate skin. It helps to reduce the effects of aging from the inside out, leaving your skin softer, smoother, and younger-looking.

IV only. Once or twice a week

Cyanocobalamin 50mg, Thioctic Acid 100mg, Kojic Acid 750mg, Ascorbic Acid 1000mg, Epidermal Growth Factor 500mg, Coenzyme 010 200mg, Nano Concentrated Glutathione 9000mg, Multivitamin 150mg

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