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NC24 90,000mg Ultra Sense Complexion


NC24 90,000mg Ultra Sense Complexion 90000mg is the highest japan-made glutathione in the market fast and effective!


NC24 Ultra sense complex Whitening 90000mg

*Composition: Set A and Set B


Thiotic Acids 1000mg/5ml x 5 ampoules

Epidermal Growth Factor EGF 1500mcg/2ml x 5 ampoules

Ultrafiltration Glutathione (90:1/ 1000mg)90000mg/ 20ml x 5 vials


Ascorbic Acids 1250mg/5ml x 5 ampoules

Coenzyme Q10 CoQ10 900mg/ 2ml x 5 ampoules

Lyophilization Multivitamin Complex 50000mg / 25 ml x 5 vials

Benefits :

Skin whitening and brightening
Reduce acne/pimples
Minimize pores
Healing of scar
Stimulate Collagen
Lightening dark spots
Improve the body immune system
Skin firming & lifting
Repair damaged skin cells
Anti melasma
Smoothing rough skin
Recommended Dosage:
This product is administered intravenous (IV) only. Mix with 200ml of saline water and an IV drip for 45 mins. Once a week.

Not Suitable For: 

Breast feeder
Injection on women period
Allergy to vitamin(any kind)
Patient with cardiovascular problem


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