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Veniscy Prestige Skin 5000 IV-IM EGF


Veniscy Glutathione 12000mg Skin Whitening Injection contains Glutathione which is participating directly in the neutralization of free radicals and reactive oxygen compounds, Enhances human metabolism, toxins, and immune system. It helps in reducing wrinkles, Moisturising skin, Reducing the appearance of pimples/acne/blemishes, and minimize pores. Improving the skin smooth texture.


Description Of Veniscy Glutathione Injections:

Veniscy Contains Glutathione Which Substantially Gets Involved In The Neutralization Of Cost-free Radicals. It Allows In Response Of Oxygen Substances As Well As Servicing Of Exogenous Antioxidants Such As Active Forms Of Vitamins C And E That Helps Greatly In Skin Lightening. Glutathione Is An Amino Acid Compound Which Is Significant As Our Human Body Free Radical Cleansing. It Supercharges Up The Immune System As Well As It Also Behaves As A Detoxifier, It Is One Of The Master Free Radical Cleansing That Mostly Found In Liver And It Encourages Normal Operate As Preserving The Immune System. It Reduces Toxic And Chemical Compounds In Liver Organ And When Incorporate This With Vitamin C , Significantly Elevates Your Level Of Resistance.

Glutathione Is A Compound Of Melanin That Exists In The Pores And Skin Which Allows In Rise Of White Pigmentation And Cuts Down The Black Pigments Which Brings To Additional Vibrant Skin Healthy And Balanced And White-Colored Skin. It Is An Anti-Oxidant And Increases Liver Function. It Also Enables And Avoids Many Wellness Difficulties. But As We Age, Our Glutathione Phases Are Minimizes Due To More Exposure To Air Contaminants, Anxiety, Tobacco That Leads To Deterioration Of Our Cellular Systems. It Includes Glutathione, Which Participates Directly In The Neutralization Of Definitely Free Radicals And Sensitive Oxygen Compounds

Ingredients In Veniscy Injections:

Multivitamin 3000mg

Collagen 2500mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid 1000mg

Hyaluronic Acid 1500mg

Combine – Tech Glucenta 50,000mg

Coq10 1000mg

Coa 600mg

Fad 750mg

Nad 400mg

Pro Egf 1800mg

Benefits Of Veniscy:

Whitens Skin.

Lightens Scars.

Moisturizes Skin.

Lightens Pigmentations Caused By Too Much Exposure To Sunlight.

Eliminates Fine Lines And Wrinkles.

Minimizes Pores.

Removes Excess Free Radicals That Cause Abnormal Brain And Organ Functions.

Anti Aging Formula.

Stimulates Collagen Formation

Not Suitable For :

Breast Feeder.

Injection On Women Period.

Allergy To Vitamin (Any Kind).

Patient With Cardiovascular Problem.

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